PAST showS

Get those arm’s ready for some serious squeezin’ because this December 1st we will kick off our 5th annual holiday plush show, “Luv-able and Hug-able,” featuring handmade plushes from a wide range of plush artists and crafters worldwide.  Participants in our past shows include Anna Hrachovec [Mochimochiland], Made by Moxie, Elizabeth Doherty, Katy Park, Hine Mizushima, and many more big names in plush. This annual plus show is one of the most renowned annual shows of its kind in the US, and we hope you will join us for it.

Fiber artist Anna Hrachovec will create a miniature epic battle scene rife with cuteness and chaos! Sworn enemies Gnomes and Snowmen fight it out for control over carrot supplies and herds of cuddly bunnies with as much pathos and violence as knitted toys can summon. Inspired by the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England, the installation is a study of iconic characters and their physical limits within the technical constraints of knitting.  The three-dimensional, linear scene plays out along the walls of gallery hanahou in a series of 40-plus panels.

For her solo show A Thousand Ships, New York-based artist Samantha Hahn brings forth an extensive volume of illustrated vignettes to gallery hanahou—featuring airy depictions of timeless beauties, brightly hued inspiration, and charmingly effervescent daily drawings.  The hanahou Hahn salon will include the artist’s signature watercolor bursts, homegrown hand type, and whimsical recreations of ephemera captured in her sketchbook from weekly trips to the Brooklyn Flea. Glimpse through sumptuous watercolors and inks drawn on everything from richly textured French papers, to salvaged scrap, and artful letter press and then finished off in clean metal, vintage, and reclaimed barn wood frames.

Prints & Pages Pop Up Shop
April 7 - May 6, 2011

To celebrate the sunlight and joy that springtime brings, we will be opening a light-hearted show of prints, independently published magazines and zines, limited-run cards, and other ephemera by some of the artists we love. As the cherry blossoms are sprouting, gallery hanahou’s space will transform into a bright and colorful, pop-up boutique filled with our curated selection of items. Stop by and pick up some unique magazines to read in the park, find some cute artist postcards to send out to friends, or choose a bright new print to freshen up a room for the new season.

Needlefelting Extravaganza
March 3, 2011

Beginning March 3rd, gallery hanahou will host a group show of needle-felting works by four artists who are shaping the medium in significant ways: Moxie, Hine Mizushima, Kit Lane, and Yoko Nomura. Using wool and basic tools, these artists have created worlds and creatures that defy conventional ideas about the craft. The exhibition will be comprised of four mini solo shows that express each artist’s personal sense of humor, wonder, or adventure through soft sculpture.

Fashion Illustration: Visual Poetry
January 20 - February 25, 2011

Curated by renowned artist, fashion illustrator, and educator Bil Donovan, “Fashion Illustration Today: Visual Poetry” brings together 13 of the most talented and innovative artists working in fashion illustration today for an exhibition that showcases the uniqueness and visual poetry of the art of fashion illustration.

Luv-able + Hug-able (+Wear-able!)
December 9 - January 14, 2011

More than 50 artists will be stuffing gallery hanahou with their original handmade plushes this year, and what’s more, this year’s show will have a special theme of “Luv-able & Hug-able & Wearable”: many of the cute and kooky plush creatures will double as fashion accessories, making perfect gifts for your entire holiday list.

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